The B12 Burger™ @Mi Burger – Bicester

Have you ever heard of the B12 Burger™? Well…me neither! Until I had the pleasure to have one at Mi Burger in Bicester  🙂


Located at 81 Sheep street, Mi burger haven’t been open for that long and I had never step foot on it because, as vegan, I thought they wouldn’t have anything for me. But I guess they proved me wrong, and thank God they did! Because since this week they have an incredible new Vegan Burger: the B12 Burger™.

I went to the shop expecting nothing, when it comes to a vegan burger, the options are endless but that doesn’t mean that any are good. I decided no to ask to much before I try the burger, I wanted to let my palate decide if the burger was good or not, no biases based on previous likes or dislikes. My only questions were as usual: ‘are the buns vegan?’, ‘is the mayo vegan?’, ‘which sauce is vegan?, ‘are the fries vegan?’.


Staff was a delight! Even when I had these and more questions and requests Tim was lovely and helped me navigate through ingredients and possibilities without being troubled. Thanks for that! After some label reading and knowing that mayo and fries are not vegan but buns and cheese are 🙂 (yummy!) I ordered the B12 Burger™ with cheese, lettuce, tomato and an #accidentallyvegan chili sauce.

While the burger was being prepared, I was told that they are working on labeling a fryer for fries only, no chicken or bacon will go in there, so we #vegans can be sure, no flavor cross contamination will happen. Also, they will try to give us vegan milkshakes! Can you imagine if they can make it happen? That will count as a proper full meal 😉 if you ask me.


And finally, the burger came. Beautifully presented in a paper container from our friends at vegaware. They do sugarcane containers that are fully compostable, which made me realized how the small details can add up to an even better experience! I think the team at Mi burger just thought about everything! Plus, the note at the top of your burger will let you know what’s on it, starting with if it’s the vegan one or not. This helps a lot because you can check for unwanted ingredients before even touching the food, great!

IMG_E5967But let’s focus on the burger because it was (obvs) the best part of my visit and worth the walk from my house to the store 🙂 

For starters, the B12 Burger™ doesn’t came on a regular bun, the ones that get saggy and mushy 3 minutes after you add ketchup, mustard, chili sauce or whatever topping you choose. It has consistency, color and shape, it presents the burger in a different way, making so appealing that you can’t wait to start eating!


But then, when you take that first bite you will be delightedly confused, is this really plant-based? the way the no-meat patty crumbles, the juicy inside, the color, etc. it resembles too much to a regular cow’s meat patty. Like a lot! But the flavor is way better! Hands down! And with every bit I got more and more convinced that I hadn’t had a great vegan burger since going vegan! And let’s not forget that this burger was a cheese burger, because what can be better than round up a great burger with some cheese on top? Well nothing! No, wait! What about some chili sauce? Yes! that’s was the cherry on top.


And if everything I just said is not enough for you to try this burger, then try to say no to the official description of the burger: ‘The simple and main ingredients are a base of Coconut Oil which provides a fatty satisfying consistency, Beetroot Juice which allows a juicy ‘bleed’ at the centre of the patty, and Plant-Proteins and Mushrooms that provide a succulent texture akin to the bite of meat. Loaded with Herbs, Spices and packed with Vitamin B12 for extra nutrients.

By the way, in each B12 Burger™ there is 100% of the daily recommended intake of B12, which is the same if not more as would be found in a regular beef burger of the same size (113.5g ¼ pounder). Insane, isn’t it?

At this point, I don’t think you are not hungry (at least I am) but if you are still saying no to this delicious, vitamin packed burger, why don’t you give Mi burger and the B12 Burger™ an opportunity to surprise you? Mi burger have a cozy local, a friendly staff and the best vegan burger in town!, so what are you waiting for!

The Eco Vegan Girl

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