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  • Karen’s Cakes Ltd.: A review.

    We all have been there. Trying to have the perfect party for one of our kids but there’s only so much one can do. And when I will love to outsource everything for the party so I can have time to enjoy the actual party, at the same time, I want to do it everything […]


  • Krispy Kreme Vegan Doughnuts

    I’m pretty sure most people know now that Krispy Kreme is making vegan doughnuts but what was a huge surprise was to see those options available at major supermarkets for Veganuary. When I thought it got easier to get my sugar fix while doing my weekly shop, Veganuary ended and with it, the vegan doughnuts […]


  • The B12 Burger™ @Mi Burger – Bicester

    Have you ever heard of the B12 Burger™? Well…me neither! Until I had the pleasure to have one at Mi Burger in Bicester  🙂 Located at 81 Sheep street, Mi burger haven’t been open for that long and I had never step foot on it because, as vegan, I thought they wouldn’t have anything for me. […]


  • Veganuary 2018: A Successful Story?

    If you’ve been living under a rock and you do not know what Veganuary is, let me explain. Veganuary is a campaign that takes the month of January as the time to “inspire and educate people to make a lifestyle change and then provide the support they need to be able to maintain it”, all this […]


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  • Going Vegan #2: Encuentra tu motivo

    Como ya les conté, estuve ausente por muchos motivos y uno de ellos fue porque me mudé de país. Aunque estresante, uno de los aprendizajes que me dejó esta mudanza, es que, pase lo que pase, soy vegana. Y por raro que parezca este comentario, es cierto y me hizo pensar mucho en mi motivo […]


  • ¡Estoy de vuelta!

    ¡Si! Después de una ausencia de casi 6 meses (wow 😳el tiempo vuela) ¡estoy de vuelta y con mucho que contar!. Lo que he estado haciendo en estos meses, será el tema de futuros posts pero lo que sí les puedo decir es que este break, implicó mucho conocimiento de mi misma como vegana, mucho […]


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